Style Profile

Name: India
Where do you live: Brooklyn, NY
Describe your style in 3 words: California mountain bird.
Style Icons: I like to think of my style icons as lifestyle/aesthetic icons on top of inspiration for clothes. I don’t always dress like them, but I am drawn to their overall vibe and precise coolness. I’d have to say they are: Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks, Kate Bush, Mary Pickford, Wednesday Addams, and Hannah MacGibbon for everything she is doing with Chloé right now.
Favorite style decade: The 1920s were an amazing time for fashion!
Favorite music group style: Dream pop, classical, indie folk and rock, grunge, swing.
I can never have enough… boots! I adore boots. I wear them all year long, even in the summer. I also have to say that I love American Apparel’s Riding Pants. I’m wearing them in the photos and own them in three different colors.
Favorite piece of clothing you own: I have this dress that I got on Etsy. It is made out of vintage Budweiser fabric from the 80s and the lady who owned the store made it to my exact measurements so it’s perfect. I love beer and I love it when dresses fit me, so, this one worked out pretty nicely.
Biggest fashion regret: High school. All of it. Many of us hate high school clothing when we look back, but my regret is more just not caring enough to dress myself better. Badly fitting jeans, the same black hoodie every day, wrist bands from Hot Topic, greasy bangs. I’m shuddering thinking about it.
Favorite stores: I actually don’t shop at many different places. I mostly end up sticking to American Apparel, Crossroads thrift stores, Anthropologie, Zara, and the occasional random boutique. I love Sway in San Francisco.